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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eating Out

The easiest place to take Sam out to eat is, sadly, McDonald's. She can have the apple pies and most of the buns there, and any hamburger that has no cheese, tomatoes (ketchup is O.K.) or sesame seeds. (Update 4/02/07: McDonald's fries are no longer allowable.)

At other restaurants, a safe bet is a baked or grilled chicken breast, but ask what they are cooking it in. Also, grilled steak is usually safe. She loves shrimp, so shrimp cocktail is good, too. (Also closer to the amount she will actually eat!) If they do grilled shrimp, make sure it is basted with oil, not butter; and I usually don't take a chance on breading, so we don't order her fried shrimp. Tacos, with no cheese, tomatoes or salsa, are good; she can have avocado on it, but guacamole only if it has no tomatoes or sour cream. Fajitas are usually good, too (as long as they cook the meat in its own fat or in oil, and not butter) as she can have onions and bell peppers.

For side dishes, pasta with no sauce, plain baked potatoes, and steamed rice are good bets. (We usually bring Sam-safe margarine with us, which widens the possibilities.) Breads are usually NOT safe (though the buns at Micky-D's are).

Steamed veggies such as carrots, green beans or broccoli are usually safe.

Angel food cake is usually safe, though you have to make sure they don't put whipped cream (even the fake stuff) on it. Cherries or strawberries on it are O.K. Fresh (allowed) fruits are good, as is most jello.

Pehaps, when she is older, we will convince her to eat salads, as salad bars would be good choices for her, but for now, she refuses to eat "leaves". :-)


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